The Battle Continues…

The impetigo isnt really going away but its not getting any worse which is good.

I’ve got small patches off eczema trying to break through on my arms and hands but I’m keeping it at bay with the Eumovate cream.  I’m hoping that once the weather starts to get warmer and dryer the eczema will die it.  For now its my best hope of a cure.

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I think I have found something worse than eczema: Impetigo!

Similiar to what Ive got/had

Similiar to what I've got/had

It first appears as a small scratch or itchy patch of eczema – skin inflammation – on seemingly healthy skin. A small red, itchy spot quickly develops into a blister containing a yellow substance.

Later, the top of the blister becomes crusty and weeps while new blisters develop in the same place or on other parts of the body. Impetigo usually begins on the face, especially around the corners of the mouth, the nose and back of the ears.

I started getting really dry lips a couple of weeks ago and then they started to become itchy and scratchy.  I thought it might be a cold sore but as I’d not had one before I wasn’t sure.  I tried some Zovirax but it didn’t make it any better.  Next I tried some Blistex cream which is for dry and damaged lips.  This kept them moist if I used it regularly but the itchy persisted and soon little bubbles or blisters where appearing.  When I’d wake up in the morning my lips would be covered in a a layer of yellow crust as the blisters had wept in the night.  Not only was this painful but it was now starting to look very gross!

I thought it must be eczema as I have had weeping eczema before but I spoke to a few people and they suggested it might be impetigo.  After doing some reading on the web it looked like I would need to see a doctor.  I booked my appointment and told them the symptoms and they said it was likely to be impetigo.  I got a prescription for some Fucidin cream which is fusidic acid and started applying it three-four times a day with instruction from the doctor to come back in a week if it had not cleared up.  Within a day it was starting to get better and by day four it was almost gone and the lips were no longer so dry.  But then I woke up this morning on day six and the blisters and the golden crust was back!  Looks like impetigo might be an formidable opponent as eczema!

Eczema as Art?

I stumbled upon this item on amazon today. Its not the first thing I would think of to do with a photo of eczema. Maybe I should get some of my eczema pictures done!

Eczema as Art

Eczema as Art

Buy 40″ eczema print from Amazon, I think it would make a lovely gift!

The only thing that cures Eczema for me 100%

I’ve tried a fair few things and some have worked somtimes whilst some have never worked.

The only thing I have tried that will clear up a patch of eczema everytime I’ve used it is Eumovate:

You can get it over the counter at places like Boots or get it online at Amazon.

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Do you have an allergy?

I came across these bracelets that look like the would be useful for kids or perhaps older people who have allergies:

They are available from Mediband and are only a couple of quid.

They also do a wallet card that lists your allergies etc.

Back for Christmas

Maybe its the winter, maybe its the stress of Christmas approaching but either way the eczema is making a comeback.

The patch that started this blog is looking a bit red after being gone for months and there is a little patch on my right wrist.

Today I noticed about a 3″ cirular patch on the inside of my right elbow.

I’m guessing its to do with stress and I know what’s causing my stress at the moment, just not sure what to do about it…

Update: just as this batch came it has gone. In the last few days I have started getting an itch on right calve which I am using Eumovate on which should clear it up.

Article: Spa trips for eczema a sufferers

Article in The Times about a spa for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

In France patients with severe skin conditions are referred by their GPs for a minimum three-week stay at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre.

Read full article

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